iNHouse has been named the 2020 winner of the Public Affairs category at this year’s CIPR Excellence Awards following a successful inaugural campaign on behalf of the UK Spirits Alliance.

The award marks a remarkable 12 months in which iNHouse established the Alliance on behalf of UK spirits producers, growing its support base to more than 230 distilleries across the country – ultimately securing a freeze in spirits excise duty in the March Budget.

Jo Tanner, Chief Executive of iNHouse Communications, said:

“We’re incredibly proud of the team and delighted their hard work has been rewarded. To not only build an effective campaigning body in less than 12 months but secure a freeze on excise duty is a remarkable achievement. The freeze has helped businesses small and large across the country, and we continue to support them during this time of uncertainty as they play a pivotal role in helping the hospitality and leisure industries recover.

“The response to the creation of the Alliance has surpassed our expectations and reflects the importance of the spirits industry to the UK economy. Our thanks go all the Alliance members – in their hundreds – who gave us their support”.