What will be happening in MPs offices now……

Behind the scenes, MPs offices will be manically busy.

They will want to get their staff election ready, appoint campaign managers, round up their volunteers and check their campaign funds.

Business as usual will still have to happen with casework continuing and meetings still taking place. As soon as parliament is dissolved on the proposed date of May 3, taxpayer funded computers, offices, websites and stationery will not be able to be used as the Member of Parliament ceases to be the Member of Parliament. He/she is now a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate and must be on the same footing as any other candidate. Staff can continue with casework but must remind constituents that the MP is now a candidate not an MP. Tax funded staff can campaign but only in their own time. Email accounts will be suspended, passes to the Palace of Westminster deactivated. Twitter Accounts and Facebook Accounts must have any reference to their MP removed and disclaimers added.

Campaign literature will need to be written, leaflets delivered, doors knocked on, hustings to do and businesses and shops to visit.

All this in just 51 days! And on top of all this no one’s job is guaranteed at the end!

Good luck to all.