iNHouse Communications has been thrilled to support British mum-of-two and businesswoman, Masha Gordon, in her quest to gain a World Record for becoming the fastest female to complete the Explorers’ Grand Slam in under eight months.

We worked with Masha in the final stages of her challenge to highlight her efforts and to promote her work to establish her charity, Grit and Rock. Masha managed to complete the grueling Explorers’ Grand Slam in seven months and 19 days, beating the previous record by over three months. She is one of only four people to have ever completed the record in under a year and broke the Guinness World Record for scaling the Seven Summits.

Masha (42) completed her final part of the challenge by scaling Denali in Alaska, North America at 2000hrs AKS (Alaska Standard Time), Saturday June 11th 2016. She completed a technical route, that has been completed by less than 100 people, scaling the biggest single mountain wall in North America with 39 pitches over four days, sleeping three nights on tiny ledges in the steep ice slope. This was less than one month after reaching the summit of Everest on Thursday May 19th, where she was nearly forced to turn back due to deteriorating weather conditions and high winds, but she carried on to make it to the top.

iNHouse Communications devised a strategy to support Masha’s Explorers’ Grand Slam, the ultimate adventure challenge that involves climbing the world’s highest peaks on each of the seven continents as well as trekking to the geographic North and South poles. We embarked on an ambitious programme of engaging mainstream media, blogsites, magazines and TV. Masha has appeared on Good Morning Britain’s popular Lorraine show, featured in Woman Magazine and MailOnline, and appeared on a host of blogs and podcasts aimed at women and outdoor adventurers. Liaising with Masha via satellite phone at times as she scaled great heights, the iNHouse team ensured all questions were answered, video footage shared and social media channels updated in a timely fashion whilst communication was challenging. We even ensured Arsenal Football Club retweeted Masha’s raising of the Arsenal Flag at the North Pole to millions of fans around the world.

A mother-of-two to daughter Freya (8) and son Theo (6), Masha wants to inspire other women to take up challenges that were unimaginable to them before and for girls to take up outdoor activities to build their self-confidence and mental resilience. She has recently established the charity Grit & Rock, to encourage teenage girls in deprived areas to take up mountaineering as a way to build grit and other leadership qualities and iNHouse Communications is delighted to support her efforts.

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