Zac Goldsmith uses iNHouse Communications’ cutting-edge Connex technology

Conservative London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has become the latest high profile UK politician to use iNHouse Communications’ cutting-edge Connex technology to engage directly with hundreds of voters by telephone.

The Conservative MP followed Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson in embracing the direct democracy campaigning tool.

iNHouse Connex is groundbreaking US TeleForum technology which works in a similar way to a live talk radio show. Our hosts are able to talk directly to people over the telephone and take live questions.

Participants are not charged for their call and, unlike traditional town hall meetings, are able to take part from the comfort of their own home, workplace or out and about on a mobile phone.

Mr Goldsmith took questions on issues such as housing, transport, crime, investment in London and air pollution during a series of live Connex calls during September to an audience of Londoners and councillors who participated in the Conservative Mayoral Candidate selection process.

Connex has been pioneered in the USA by the likes of Barack Obama and is a regular feature of political communications, consumer campaigns and employee engagement programmes.

iNHouse Director Katie Perrior said:

“Zac did a great job fielding as many questions as possible and the feedback we received was that participants welcomed the direct contact with the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor. It will be a tight race for the Mayoralty in 2016 – Connex is a great tool to allow access to the candidates directly and quiz them on the subjects that matter to you”.

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