Success for The Sun & CoppaFeel! Check ‘em Tuesday Campaign

In March this year, iNHouse was approached by CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness raising charity targeted at women under 30.

We helped broker a deal with The Sun newspaper to encourage female readers to check their breasts for abnormal changes. The Check ‘Em Tuesday campaign was run in partnership with Pg3.

iNHouse advised on strategy, media relations and ran media training for senior CoppaFeel! staff – including founder Kris Hallenga who has stage 4 breast cancer (there is no stage 5).

The bold campaign has had a significant impact on breast cancer awareness and led to behavioural change among women who have seen the coverage which went further than just the Sun, with written articles in the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, charity sector press and appearances on broadcast media such as ITV1 Lorraine programme, LBC Radio, Five Live, BBC London to name a few.

The campaign won ‘best campaign of the year’ at the annual Change Opinion Awards, beating off competition from the United Nations, Greenpeace and Unicef.

After eight months, key outcomes were:

  • Female Sun readers are now 26% more likely to be confident in knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer vs the general public
  • Four out of five readers are now confident of spotting signs of breast cancer – up 20% from two thirds (67%) at the start of the campaign.
  • Those who saw the campaign are 63% more likely than the UK population to say that nothing would stop them from going to the doctor
  • At least four women caught the disease early thanks to the Check ‘em Tuesday campaign.
  • Brand awareness of CoppaFeel! has also shot up with a huge 85% of Sun readers remembering the campaign.
  • CoppaFeel! is now one of the most well-known breast cancer charities in the UK – the campaign reached over 10 million people on twitter.

iNHouse Director Katie Perrior commented “It was an absolute pleasure to work on this partnership with The Sun and CoppaFeel! This was a great opportunity for such a small charity – we fought their corner with those who disliked the campaign and were pleased to see approval ratings stay at around 80%. Not only did the campaign help raise thousands of pounds for vital outreach work it also put CoppaFeel! firmly on the map. They continue to be an inspiration and a great organisation to work with”.


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