1994 Group

The 1994 Group was established to promote excellence in university research and teaching. It represents 19 of the UK’s leading research-intensive, student focused universities. Around half of the top 20 universities in UK national league tables are members of the group.

The Group charged iNHouse with handling their very busy yearly stakeholder outreach programme which centred on a series of roundtable policy discussions, a parliamentary reception, Political Party Conference fringe meetings and an Annual Dinner to round off the academic year.

Taking the reins from scouting a venue right through to sending invitations and managing RSVPs, iNHouse ensured each event was appropriately branded and ran smoothly. We drafted a year-long events plan to ensure that key highlights in the academic year were capitalised upon as well as important political announcements. This was particularly crucial in the last year where a number of top line policy announcements were made which would change the shape of the higher education sector forever.

iNHouse ensured events covered the topical issues by coinciding subject areas with policy announcements and relevant speakers. Management of the speakers for each event was a pivotal part of the work stream as well as assisting the Group in forming a Policy Board, suggesting and securing Board Members. Speakers have included David Willets, Minister of State for Universities and Skills as well as Professor Brian Cox.

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